Ascaso Dream UP V3 Espresso Machine Review

Ascaso Dream UP V3 Espresso Machine Review
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Finding the perfect espresso machine can be hard work, especially for espresso enthusiasts who are looking for a machine with all the right features, the right build, and high-end performance. Ascaso has designed the Dream UP V3 for all coffee lovers out there who wish to make perfect cups of the most excellent coffee within the comfort of their own homes.

With the Dream UP V3 on your kitchen counter, you can be sure of it attracting a lot of attention due to its polished aluminum body and solid build. But the attractive visual isn’t the only thing that will have people impressed.

This espresso machine comes equipped with some amazing features and is designed to provide you with café-quality beverages. You can learn to make espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha like a pro in minutes with this machine, and you can treat yourself or a loved one to a cup of their favorite beverage without having to visit cafes or restaurants.

Features of the Dream UP V3:

Aluminum thermoblock – The thermoblock is designed in a way that promotes speedy warm up and good temperature control. A microprocessor fills the thermoblock continuously with water from the tank until the tank is almost empty.

The water passageways are lined in stainless steel which reduces the buildup of limescale, thus promotes longevity. The stainless steel lined thermoblock technology has proven to be one of the best features of this machine, especially with its ability to prevent internal corrosion.

Grouphead– With heat being distributed evenly across the chrome-plated brass group head there are no chances of hotspots, resulting in a consistent temperature. Water is also distributed evenly across the ground coffee for improved extraction.

3-way Solenoid valve– You do not have to wait to use the steam wand after brewing as the water is pushed back to the tank once the machine is turned off. With this feature, you can do with back to back espresso extractions.

Temperature Gauge– For easy monitoring of the temperature, the temperature gauge is installed right at the front of the machine. You can keep track of the temperature of the boiler which is read in Celsius.

Coffee Holders – The coffee holders are made of brass, plated in heavy-duty chrome with a hard plastic handle. You can use the holder for both espresso pods as well as ground coffee.

Filter Baskets– The 57mm stainless steel filter baskets are available for single and double shots of ground coffee while the pod basket is ideal for a single dose ESE pods. If you wish to have stronger coffee, then you must use the double shot size baskets.

Water Reservoir– The tank comes with a water level indicator and is fully removable. It is fitted behind the grouphead, in the lower section of the machine and can be removed easily for a quick fill-up.

Cup warming surfaceThis is an excellent design feature for those who love sipping very hot coffee. The machine features a stay-warm surface where you can place your cups before filling them with your freshly brewed coffee. The warm scratch resistant surface ensures that the coffee remains hot even while been poured into the cups.

Frothing Tip– this is a bonus for those who love frothy beverages. You can have creamy and frothy lattes and cappuccinos using the steam wand. Have the stainless steel wand turn the milk in your frothing pitcher into fluffy foam by positioning the little hole in the frothing adapter at the top of the milk to increase froth.

Easy to use– The center power switch is what starts all action. It must be turned on to begin heating the boiler. With two more powerful flip- switches: one to control the steam and one for brew control, you can have the machine under your control.

With indicator lights installed you will also be informed of when it is perfectly heated up for brewing or frothing. The controls are all there for you to operate without any complications and if you get stuck anywhere, you can always check out the instruction manual to understand the machine better.

Easy to clean– the machine can be cleaned and maintained very easily. With removable parts such as the water tank, drip pan and chrome-plated steel cup try and movable steam wand, cleanup is a breeze. Most of the parts are also corrosion-resistant, so you can expect your machine to look good for years without signs of rust or scratches.

Accessories: The product comes with many essential tools and accessories such as single and double-sized cup filter baskets, single ESE pod basket, frothing attachment on the machine, portafilter with a dual spot, plastic tamper and scoop.

Most common FAQ Answered

Does it come with a frothing pitcher?

Yes, it includes a 12 oz. or 20 oz. frothing pitcher.

Is it difficult to keep the machine spot-less?

All coffee machines need to be cleaned and maintained for prolonged life, but the polished aluminum finish on this machine requires some extra care in handling. Just remember to keep it dry at all time and in case of the body getting wet while working gently wipe it dry before the water dries in its own and forms spots.

How much does the machine weigh?

It weighs around 16 pounds.

Is it easy to operate this machine?

Yes, it is straightforward to operate because there are only three things to use; the three switches and a temperature gauge. The group head and the steam knob are also easy to handle.


If complicated coffee machines are not your thing, then you will love the simplicity of the Dream UP V3. Its parts are all made from high-quality material, and its solid build makes this a powerful and well-constructed machine. It is a decent machine to use for making great tasting coffee at home or in the office.



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