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If you have been thinking of getting a  grinder for your coffee machine at home but hesitated every time due to the price tags on most decent grinder machines then you must take a look at the Breville BCG820BSSXL. It is a new and improved smart coffee grinder with new additions and an improvised construction.

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The new design and smart features of the Smart Grinder Pro make it a great choice among other grinders of the same or of a higher price range. This budget-friendly espresso grinder is fully equipped with the right features that function extremely well to give the best grind of your coffee beans.

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You can also rest assured of its quality as Breville is a well known and highly reputed company that manufactures high-end and long-lasting products at affordable prices. Having been around for so many years, you can also expect good customer care from the company and easily find machine parts in case your grinder needs any future servicing.

Our review today will cover some key points of this machine and hopefully help you decide on whether it suits your preference or not.


Before we talk about other important factors, we want to start by giving you a good idea of how well it grinds. It is a burr grinder so consistency will be good, unlike blade grinders where uniform grinds isn’t always achievable.

Burr grinders work with two rotating surfaces that grind the beans in between them, resulting in even sized pieces and nice consistency.

Blade grinders only have a blade that cut through beans, splitting them open. Using the ‘burr’ technology slows down the grinding process a bit but the results are much better and wastage is reduced by a great deal, so you can save a lot of your favorite expensive coffee beans.

If you want medium to fine grinds then the results will be satisfactory on this machine, but if coarser grinds are what you are looking for then the consistency might not be that impressive.



Quiet Operation and Grind Setting

It is a very common thing for grinders to be noisy but we found this model to be rather quiet. If you are worried about disturbing the neighbors or waking up your child then that will not be a problem with this machine, but we still recommend that you stick to using this grinder when any sound produced will not be an issue.

With 60 different settings, you can enjoy precise grinding, which is in fact a requirement when dialing in your espresso. Whether you wish to grind for French Press or Espresso, you will get precise fineness. If you find yourself stuck between all these settings then just turn to the instruction manual for easy guidance.

Digital Dosing System

You can easily control and adjust the grind time with a digital timer. The timer allows you to set your dose within 0.2 seconds increments so you can get just the right dose while brewing. 

‘Cups & Shots’

If you are grinding for French Press or Filter then can select ‘cups’ but for espresso you must select ‘shots’. These settings are available for the right dose while brewing any kind of coffee.

Bean Hopper

With 18 oz. coffee bean capacity you can grind and store a good amount of beans for your daily brewing. The bean hopper is removable so you can remove the hopper with the beans inside and store it somewhere with the correct temperature.

However, we do not recommend storing coffee this way for long because it may lose its freshness over time. If you prefer to have freshly grinded coffee every morning then you can grind only the required amount just before you wish to make your coffee after waking up.


Because of the mechanism used, grinders need to be cleaned often to keep the burrs running well so you can always get the right amount of consistency. If you grind mainly for espresso then consistency is a must and you cannot afford to let your grinder burrs lose their efficiency.

Remember that some beans such as dark oily ones create more mess than brown non-oily ones so you need to keep a track on the kind of beans you are using.

It usually take 5 minutes to clean a grinder so the more you keep a check on its condition the better the grinder will serve you.


The machine weighs approx. 3kgs so it is not a very heavy machine. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and it will not take up much counter space either.


You will get a year’s warranty from the manufacturers but it is a good idea to confirm this from whichever store you decide to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean the oil residue left from dark beans?

You can use lab brushes to clean your grinder. There are many brushes that will work with this grinder, you can check for these brushes online or even at your local stores.

Does it have a display screen?

Yes it comes with a screen that displays all the settings and functions to run the grinder.

Wrap Up!

This automatic electric grinder will make your life easier and also help you grind your coffee beans to the best consistency. As it is an automated machine, you can expect it to do most of the work while you just pour your precious beans and select your preferred settings. If you have a coffee machine at home and are tired of having store bought ground coffee then this machine is just right for you.

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