Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine Review

Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine Review
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Getting a coffee maker is quite the investment, especially if it is one of those high-quality ones, and as most coffee lovers do not like to compromise on quality and taste.

They have no other choice but to cash out a good amount on their expensive machine. But every once in a while there comes a product which may not carry a popular brand tag but performs just as well and at a much lower price.

Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine - Espresso Capsule Machine with Tea Infuser - One Cup Cuban Coffee Maker and Tea Dispenser - Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Kosher Certified Coffee
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Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine - Espresso Capsule Machine with Tea Infuser - One Cup Cuban Coffee Maker and Tea Dispenser - Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Kosher Certified Coffee
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So we took it upon us to find these gems for our readers who are interested in a good coffee machine but cannot invest in something very expensive. After going through every detail like design, features, customer feedback and of course price, we found the Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine to score high among other machines of the same range.

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This particular machine brews coffee as well as makes a great cup of tea. It was a pleasant surprise for us to know that the item, despite its impressive performance, came at a low price. For us, this coffee machine is a winner, but we will still leave it up to you to decide if it is worth your time and money.Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine Review

Features and benefits of the Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine:

  • Makes coffee and tea
  • Brews in two sizes mainly: Espresso & Lungo
  • Comes with a removable drip tray to accommodate recipes that require taller than average glasses
  • 1-liter capacity water tank (removable)
  • 12 capsules (used) capacity container
  • Automatic flow-stop
  • Touchscreen
  • Warranty: 1 Year (from the manufactures)


The machine displays a straightforward design yet it is incredibly stylish to look at. It is not the kind of machine that comes with multiple fancy buttons and switches.

If you have a small kitchen, it will blend in perfectly well without taking up much counter space. It brews coffee for single servings, so the machine has been constructed to minimize clutter and keep things tidy within its small frame.

Electronic Control

The coffee maker comes equipped with a digital pad that lets you decide on your cup size. You can choose between the standard espresso cup sizes or have a full mug of tea as your wish. If you suddenly find yourself craving for hot chocolate, then you can make yourself a delicious cup of full-flavored hot chocolate on this same machine.Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine Review

There are also two buttons which can be programmed to your liking for an automatic flow stop. The touchscreen makes everything happen fast and allows you to choose and set programs in your style.

Simple Operation

Its operation is as simple as its design, but with impressive results in the end. Just fill the water tank and drop in your capsule by opening up the lid located at the top of the machine. Press your desired cup size to wait for the machine to take care of the rest.

This is an excellent machine for those with no prior experience of operating coffee machines because you can have your freshly brewed cup of coffee ready in minutes without having to change a ton of settings or learn how to work through some different buttons and functions.

Wide Range

If you live with your partner who prefers tea over coffee or has someone over whose favorite beverage is latte, then this little machine will serve you well. It can be used to make perfect shots of espresso, full flavored tea and creamy lattes, among other hot beverages.

Internal Memory

With internal memory, the machine remembers your preferred cup size for coffee and tea. This saves you a lot of time and hassle as you get to enjoy your drink just the way you like it.

Free Capsules and Premium Double Wall Coffee Cup

When you purchase this coffee machine, you will get ten capsules of different flavors of tea and coffee free. Customers who have used this machine have mentioned the excellent quality and taste of the coffee blends and tea capsules. Most of the customers were happy with the price of this coffee and teas and decided to switch from the more expensive brands because they got the same richness and flavor at a much affordable price.Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine Review

The included coffee cup is also made from high-quality material as the double wall keeps the outside of the cup at a bearable temperature while the drink itself remains hot.

Coffee Blends and Tea Collection

Coffee enthusiasts will love the Italian and Cuban coffee blends. The Italian mix consists of medium-light roasted beans that provide a creamy texture while the Cuban beans are dark roasted and come in full flavor. Tea lovers are treated to 100% organic tea leaves in two flavors: Blueberry and lemon. The tea capsules are sugar-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this compare to other single serve coffee makers?

For its price, we will say that it is a pretty decent machine that makes excellent coffee and other beverages. As a budget-friendly product, it does lack some high-end features, but it performs well.

How much water does the tank hold?

One Liter.

How ‘healthy’ are the tea capsules?

With no cholesterol and no sugar added, the tea capsules are very healthy and perfect for both winter and summer. In summer you can add ice and mint to create the ideal recipe for iced tea.


If you are looking for something fancy with a lot of functions, then this probably isn’t the right machine for you. However, if you are looking for a decent coffee and tea maker but do not want to break the bank for one, then we highly recommend the Kapsulyst Italian Coffee Maker and Tea Pot Machine.


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