Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review
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Are you a coffee enthusiast? If your wallet has more bills from cafes than cash, but you cannot give up on coffee (why should you?), then we say it is time you invested in a good coffee machine.

The Krups espresso machine comes with an inbuilt grinder, which means that you can get the freshest and most authentic tasting coffee within the comforts of your kitchen.

KRUPS EA8250 Fully Auto Espresso Machine, Espresso Maker, Burr Grinder, 60 Ounce, Black
606 Reviews
KRUPS EA8250 Fully Auto Espresso Machine, Espresso Maker, Burr Grinder, 60 Ounce, Black
  • Fully automatic 1450-watt espresso/coffee machine in a convenient compact size.Water tank capacity 1.8 L
  • Built-in metal conical burr grinder captures full flavor; adjustable grind setting; large sealed bean hopper
  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive LCD screen and knob for simple operation.Max distance coffee nozzle - drip tray 10.5 cm
  • Thermoblock heating technology, 15-bar high-pressure pump, and hydraulic automated tamping system for professional results
  • Steam nozzle; 60-ounce removable water tank; removable drip tray and cake container for easy cleaning; made in France; 2-year warranty.Milk...

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The machine is compact, so it will sit beautifully on your kitchen counter without cluttering the room. Despite its small size, it has a powerful motor that does a great job of grinding and brewing coffee.Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

Owning this machine means you do not have to go far to get that creamy cup of cappuccino or that strong shot of espresso every morning. If the thought of having freshly brewed coffee within hand’s reach appeals to you, then read our in-depth review of the machine that can give you just that.

Conical Burr Grinder

The smartest thing you can do besides getting an espresso machine is probably getting an espresso machine with a built-in grinder. If you do not like the taste of store-bought ground coffee, then just grind your coffee beans using the metallic conical burr grinder at home.Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

Burr grinders are better in the sense that they grind the beans to a consistency, something blade grinders’ lack. If you are planning on grinding your coffee beans for espresso, then select the finer settings for the best espresso flavor or go with the coarser setting for other coffee beverages.


Large Bean HopperThe bean hopper is of a decent size, so you can store a good amount of coffee beans before grinding. The sealed hopper will keep the beans fresh at all times, so freshness and flavor stay intact.Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

If you enjoy sipping coffee several times in a day or need to make more cups of coffee in a row, then the large bean hopper will enable you to do just that.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen allows you to make your selections more easily and accurately. To make café-quality coffee, just read through the menu and choose your favorite recipe before selecting the number of cups. Follow the process displayed on the screen to be guided through all the steps required to make the best tasting cups of coffee in minutes.

Removable Water Tank

You will be notified when the 60-ounce water tank is empty with its empty tank detection. The tank is also removable so you can carry it to your kitchen sink for a quick refill.

Patented System

Installed with a unique patented thermoblock system, the machine does a great job in using and keeping the temperature just right. Preheating is a snap, and with even heat distribution and accurate timing, you can expect hot coffee no matter what. Even extraction also guarantees a perfect blend with enriched flavor.

Fully Automated System

Makers of the Krups espresso machine wants their customers to enjoy their coffee without worrying about too much of manual settings.Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

From the very first step of the process to the last before you pour your steaming hot cup of coffee, the machine takes care of everything.

The hydraulic automated tamping system makes sure the temperature is controlled, and the extraction is even. For other adjustments, the LCD screen and smooth knobs will help you select settings according to your liking.

Other programs include a clock for auto shut down and auto on.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For basic cleaning and maintenance, the product comes with all necessary accessories like a water filter, cleaning tablets, de-scaling powder, and a liquid cleaner for the steaming wand. These items are enough to keep your machine in top shape.Krups Espresso Machine with Burr Grinder Review

Due to its patented system, the heart of the unit needs no cleaning, so there will be no need for disassembling and assembling of internal parts from your side.

User Friendly

The control panel is very easy to use. It contains the LCD screen and a knob for simple and quick operation. You no longer have to be a professional barista to make coffee like one now.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use filtered water instead of the included cartridge?

Yes, you can use filtered water.

Does this machine make regular coffee?

You can make regular coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, and even tea with this machine.

Is it good for a single serving?

You can select the number of cups so it can make coffee in a single serving as well as for more people when you have visitors at home.

How fast does this machine work?

You can have your coffee ready in minutes, starting from the grinding process to the end. If you are talking about brewing only then, it will take around 2 minutes with the preheating cycle.


Despite its price, which may seem a little high for some, we were very impressed with the Krups espresso machine. It has all the features required to make the perfect cup of your favorite hot drink at home.

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars going out to get coffee, neither do you have to be skilled in making coffee; with this coffee machine, in your kitchen, you can impress your loved ones with a cappuccino, latte, and hot cocoa and even tea.

If you do not like the taste of store-bought ground coffee (they are never fresh enough), then grinding your coffee beans will do the trick. For the best coffee experience, we would say this is an excellent deal.


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