Technivorm Moccamaster CDT Grand 39340 Coffee Brewer Review

Technivorm Moccamaster CDT Grand 39340 Coffee Brewer Review
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Are you looking for a coffee maker for your office? Or maybe you have a large family and need a coffee maker that can cater to a large crowd? Then look no further because you are at the right place right now.

Technivorm Moccamaster 39340 CDT Grand Coffee Maker, 60 Ounce, Silver
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Technivorm Moccamaster 39340 CDT Grand Coffee Maker, 60 Ounce, Silver
  • Perfectly brewed coffee in 6 minutes
  • Perfectly brewed coffee delivered by our copper element and no pumps
  • Coffee maker features a stainless steel thermal carafe to keep Coffee hot longer
  • Backed by a 5-year Manufacturers. Voltage is 120 V
  • Handmade in the Netherlands.Watts: 1600W

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Whenever we searched for coffee makers online or even visited our local stores, we hardly found coffee makers that made a large quantity of coffee and those that did, well, they lacked in quality. After days of roaming around and endless searches, we finally came across the CDT Grand 39340 Coffee Brewer by Technivorm Moccamaster.

At first, we did not think much of it as it did not exactly impress us with its simple and very basic design. Still, nevertheless, we decided to check it out, mainly because of its ability to brew a lot of coffee in a short time while retaining a good amount of heat.Technivorm Moccamaster CDT Grand 39340 Coffee Brewer Review

The robust construction and long 5-warranty period from the manufactures also gave us a good reason to choose this item for our in-depth review. If these traits draw your attention, then read the full review below for more information on the product.

Strong and SturdyThis is not a fragile-looking fancy machine, and that is a great thing if we are talking about longevity and some serious and reliable coffee making here. If you want to invest in one coffee, making a machine that will last you for years, then you can rest assured that this stainless steel machine will not let you down. The parts are durable with a copper heating element and strong and robust metal housing.

High Speed and Quiet Operation

You no longer have to worry about keeping your guests waiting for long, no matter how many cups of coffee you need to serve them because with this machine you can brew up to 60 oz. of coffee in less than 8 minutes. It heats up very fast, and within minutes it will deliver multiple cups of coffee with enriched flavor and authentic taste. The flat bottom brew-basket construction ensures even extraction and a smooth blend of aroma.

Highest Capacity

So you have a lot of people to serve? Perhaps you love to entertain people at home or run a little business where you often have people coming in, and sometimes you find yourself making more trips to the kitchen when you should be mingling with the crowd? Well, you can now have all the free time in the world as this machine brews enough coffee to serve big crowds at one go. With a water tank that holds up to 64 ounces of water, you can easily make approx 54 ounces of coffee at a time.

Auto Shut-Off

Save energy with the auto shut-off feature, which shuts down the machine after 2 hours of inactivity. In this way, you don’t only save energy but can also leave the house knowing that your coffee machine is not running continuously.

Drip Stop Switch

While brewing coffee for the crowd, if you feel like stealing a quick cup for yourself, then gladly do so by pulling the drip stop switch towards you and pour yourself a cup before pushing the switch back towards the basket for the brewing process to complete.

Perfect Temperature

With a temperature range of 196°, F – 205°F the heat is just about perfect for soluble coffee extraction. Accurate temperature is required to get the most flavor out of your ground coffee and also promote intensity. It also automatically shuts down when the water tank is empty.

Hot Plate

The hot plate keeps coffee hot after brewing. It comes with a switch for a full and half circle to ensure that the coffee stays hot while it is being consumed. The high setting is for a full pot, and the low setting is for half pot. Once the pot is empty, be sure to turn it off as it not powered through the machine and needs to be handled separately.

Glass Carafe

Instead of a Thermal Carafe, you will find your Moccamaster to be equipped with a Glass Carafe. For those who are not well informed about this feature, a Glass Carafe is appropriate for those who are always on the go or have a rather frequent intake of coffee every hour, as Glass Carafes usually don’t retain heat for a long time.

Innovated Brewing system

Unlike typical Techivorm home brewers, you will find this office brewer with a spray arm, which features a single large hole that comes equipped with an incorporated shower head. The advantage with this is that it allows the pulsating water to be evenly spread across your coffee grounds, ensuring a balanced flavor.


The most common FAQ Answered.

How big are the filters?

The filters needed to equip this machine require to be extra large.

Can I get a single serving of coffee with this machine?

This machine has a very large water tank as it is designed to make coffee in large quantities, but you can make coffee in any quantity as you like. You can also enjoy a single cup of coffee while brewing a large amount by using the drip stop switch.

Does this come with a travel lid?

Yes, it does.


The  CDT Grand 39340 is a great coffee machine for large families as it can brew up to 54 ounces of coffee and that too in a matter of fess than 8 minutes. With a strong build and all the right technology used to brew perfect cups of full-flavored coffee, you will love entertaining guests at home more than you ever did before.


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